1 Hand Information of ICADA

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ICADA is the international association for cosmetic products, cosmetic devices and food supplements. ICADA informs, serves and represents global sme ( under them 90% of European cosmetics companies). Cosmetic chemists, natural product chemists, dermatologists, toxicologists, lawyers and other experts in the ICADA team answer questions and provide help for every branch of the industry.

ICADA particpates the working group-meetings of the EU Commission, the member states ministries, the authorities and in scientific societies and provides up-to-date insider information from all industry sectors to the more than 14.000 industry-members.

Thus ICADA follows regulatory procedures and presents the interests of SME. Since most of the natural and organic cosmetic companies are SME, ICADA engages in all subjects of this industry branch and does not limit association-activities to writing licence fees for natural cosmetic labels.

The founder of the world’s first standard for organic and natural cosmetics leads the ICADA team. By that advantages ICADA has at its disposal more than 20 years of experience with standardisation of organic and natural cosmetics. ICADA offers a premium label for organic and natural cosmetics, which is not only particularly strict and reliable thanks to the double control system, it permits relatively few non-natural additives (short positive list of 120 derivatives) to be close to mother nature. A major commercial advantage of the ICADA premium label are small cost and small effort conditions for the authentic typically medium and small natural cosmetics companies.

Examples of the many ICADA activities:

Defence against non-scientific critics of self authorized consumer-protection organisations (witch-haunt of paraben, „hormones“ in cosmetic, microplastic-accusation,which are not direct against the real plastic-sources car-tires, cloths.., )

Cosmetics market-surveys: product-trends, labels, ISO 16128, denigrating advertising bans like „does not contain…., small quantities-sources …

Initiatives for the environment, social interaction, sustainability, plastic avoidance ….

Issues of natural cosmetic products, which we did not find handled by label organizations and for which the ICADA team has the education, competence, financial resources and access to like

· current status: microplastics in natural cosmetics

· defense options of microplastics in natural cosmetics (examples in natural cosmetics standard-positive lists)

· current status: nanomaterial in natural cosmetics

· defense options of nanomaterials in natural cosmetics

· correct interpretation of nanomaterial findings (of violation of certain natural cosmetics standards)

· regulatory protection of the further usability of highly active natural endocrine disruptors in natural cosmetics (CPR article 15.4)

· ISO 16128: content, sme-advantages, special advertising potential (suspension from regulation 655-2013) calculation of certification and advertising figures

· Blacklists of product-test-journals and -websites (potential product- test results even before product development)

· DIY (Do-it-yourself) kits: new regulations

· massage products are not cosmetic

· correct labeling of essential oils (end of many essential-oils-cosmetics by known companies)

· natural Cosmetics 4.0: new era of efficacy-claims in natural cosmetics

· free of charge cosmetic GMP certificates

· environmentally friendly packaging for natural cosmetics

· defense of the non legal natural hair colors against ban

· questionable legality of animal test labels

· the borderline manual: what is natural cosmetics allowed to claim

· no use of food oils as a cosmetic

· no PID for self-mixed and immediately applied products

· „microbiom-cosmetics“: technical basis, product classes, raw materials, impact, regulatory situation (report from the EU Commission meeting), hurddles for microorganisms (probiotic components) in cosmetics

· contributions to the micro-plastic definition of the European Commission