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CBD working group application

ICADA reported in a variety of mails and in the ICADA news click here on the prohibition draft of the European Union commission based on the “single Convention on narcotic drugs of 1961” pointed out.

The entire EU Commission document with definitions, explanations, prohibition arguments and the prohibition draft can be read here. We strongly recommend, to take a note of the EU document containing definitions, assessments and the complications caused by ongoing changes in the UN-document.

Ready to ban are:

  1. Cannabis and Cannabis resin; Cannabis sativa, ext. (Substance)
  4. CANNABIDIOl, plant-derived

ICADA has been urged by various companies in Europe, to take action against the bans (focus on natural CBD) in the EU Commission and since ICADA has direct access to the EU Commission, we file a documentation with the arguments against a ban and submit it to the Commission for further legal compliance of CBD.

Urgent prerequisite condition is however, that the

  • companies concerned
  • provide technical arguments against the prohibition.

If you are interested to become a member of the Cannabis-Cosmetics / CBD working group at ICADA and
· to be always informed about the latest developments
· to have your individual company`s goals represented at the European Commission by ICADA

we ask for your non-binding, free working group registration via this registration form here.

ICADA has written an assessement and committed that to the European Commission. You can find the assessment here.