Contract manufacturer

ICADA provides comprehensive agreements for smooth contract manufacturing

The european regulation on cosmetic products (EC) No. 1223/2009 creates a new relationship between clients and contract manufacturers, because the manufacturer is whose name is printed on the packaging. This means that the contract manufacturer is initially released from all public legal obligations. Therefore, the terms of cooperation must be carefully and in detail reorganized in the area of

  • technical obligations (distribution of information and implementation obligations)
  • agreements under private law (delivery conditions …)
  • public legal obligations (function as responsible persion, task allocation)

Regulation of the cooperation between contract manufacturers and customers

Proven procedures and your personal wishes to regulate the cooperation between contract manufacturers and customers are summarized in the contract manufacturer AG, revised and published as a standard, which can be expected to better protect the parties involved.

Preparation for contract manufacturing of natural cosmetics

Since the demand for natural cosmetics has increased significantly in recent years, all perspectives of the various natural cosmetic standards in the contract manufacturer working group, from the concept to the selection of suitable raw materials, the registration procedure / hindrance to the processing of the registration and the marketing of the clients, should be so detailed and competent that the contract manufacturers are able to serve customers from the natural cosmetics market competently and quickly.

The ICADA contract specification

In the ICADA „Contract Manufacturing“ working group has created a contract specification for contract manufacturing with well over 200 positions. The experience of practitioners with decades of experience has been incorporated.

This contract specification is available in German, but will be translated in English soon.