Cosmetics of dermatologists, pharmacies, clinics and cosmetic surgeons

Special „dermocosmetics“ with sophisticated work in dermatological research, microbiology, modern test and measurement technology, special active ingredients and modern forms of application based on high-performance raw materials and packaging is an increasingly interesting marketing field in the field of dermatologists, pharmacies, clinics and cosmetic surgeons. In some cases, old experiences can now be understood more precisely and used in a targeted manner. Results of research enable cosmetic products that are capable of reaching the limits of pharmaceuticals (borderline products). For these cosmetic products, marketing and defense strategies are developed together with the offering companies.

Together with the members from the areas of „dermatology cosmetics“ and test laboratories, evidence of physiologically effects is documented. Products that promise services in the field of dermocosmetics are communicated to buyers and end users on the platform of a standard “functional cosmetic” . The claim to do more with your cosmetic products than just to care for skin surfaces is easily recognizable by the claim „functional cosmetic“ for shopping, trade and consumers.

Topics of the ICADA Working group „Dermocosmetics“
  • Development of legally compliant product concepts for borderline products
  • practical application and meaningful implementation of the guideline for effective claims (KVO 1223-2009)
  • Mesotherapy
  • nonsensical restriction of use of physiologically active substances
  • so-called active pharmaceutical ingredients in cosmetics

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