global cosmetic industry platform contributed by ICADA eV association

Examples of the many ICADA activities:

Defence against non-scientific critics of self authorized consumer-protection organisations (witch-haunt of paraben, „hormones“ in cosmetic, microplastic-accusation, which are not direct against the real plastic-sources car-tires, cloths..,)

Cosmetics market-surveys: product-trends, labels, ISO 16128,

denigrating advertising bans like „does not contain….,

small quantities-sources …

Initiatives for the environment, social interaction, sustainability, plastic avoidance

free of charge cosmetic GMP certificates

free of charge “free sales certificates”

the borderline manual: what is natural cosmetics allowed to claim

no PID for self-mixed and immediately applied products

„microbiom-cosmetics“: technical basis, product classes, raw materials, impact, regulatory situation (report from the EU Commission meeting), hurddles for microorganisms (probiotic components) in cosmetics