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hemp cosmetics regulation draft released by EU commission

During the February 18th-meeting  the EU Commission introduced a regulation, that made natural cosmetics with hemp only possible, if CBD was not isolated from flowers or  resin. Use of synthetic CBD kept being allowed.

After the release of the first daft an article 28 exemption from the single convention was discussed, since industrial cultivation (for fibers and seeds) is exempted from the single convention and would have opened sources for natural CBD.

But as convention article 28 does not apply to CPR 1223-2009, the very severe restrictions for natural CBD sources remain. For the arguments and details presented by the EU commission just click here.

We keep you updated on this website, because the regulation did not come into force yet and we are going, to present additional scientific arguments to the EU commission.

The consequences of the current regulation draft mean the end of natural cosmetics with hemp. ICADA informs about equivalent alternatives: mail(at)

Further details (CBD-working group)