ICADA natural + organic

ICADA natural+organic signature is the premium label for organic and natural cosmetics worldwide
The ICADA natural+organic signature is a high quality, premium label due to:
  • Products are only available in specialized shops
  • Products enjoy a high degree of trust throught double control system
  • Products are green and close to nature due to a low number of permitted additives /short positive list
The ICADA natural + organic signature is especially suitable for SME (small and medium size enterprises) due to
  • Your company is perceived as an authentic natural cosmetics company in the market
  • low costs: low license fees, no annual certification costs
  • low effort due to uncomplicated registration system
  • all linensees participate and are involved in the decisions to the standard
  • equivalent certifications are accepted, no new certification fee
  • economic support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the ICADA Manufacturers Association
The ICADA natural + organic signature is ideal for advertising the products due to
  • The standard criteria are easy to understand and therefore easy to communicate
  • for organic and natural cosmetic
  • social and environmental commitment of SMEs are a prerequisite
  • high recognition

For more information please

ICADA Standard for natural and organic cosmetic

Click here to read the standard conditions

ICADA-natural+ organic positiv list of ingredients

Please check the positive list of ingredients

ICADA natural + organic Registration form

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    ICADA certification procedure

    The procedure of the certification process in brief

    1. you have to register
    2. you recieve all documents
    3. you send us the INCI list of the product
    4. Pre-check of ICADA
    5. Check of a certifying body of your choice
    6. you send us conformity-certification of certifying body
    7. permission to use the ICADA premium natural label on compliant products
    8. the use is free of charge in the first year, resonable costs in the following years: 50 EUR/product, maximum 1.000 EUR (from product number 21 on free of charge)
    The double-control System

    Some label associations control themselves | Control should be provided by independent third parties | ICADA is third-parties-inspected and re-inspects the external inspectors: double-control system.

    The ICADA natural cosmetics label is subject to a very strict inspection procedure. All products registered for the ICADA label are strictly controlled by two bodies:

    1. through a multitude of independent certifiers
    2. annual double examination by experienced cosmetic chemists in the association

    Please compare the ICADA test method (ICADA natural cosmetics).
    There are associations which only control the products themselves. This is roughly comparable to a lift mechanic who inspects the built-in lift itself and does not instruct a neutral testing organization with the safety inspection.

    And there are associations which themselves do not take a look at the products with their association sign.

    ICADA does both.