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natural cosmetics

Handeling of all Issues of natural cosmetic products, which we did not find handled by label organizations and for which the ICADA team has the education, competence, financial resources and access to like

regulatory protection of the further usability of highly active natural endocrine disruptors in natural cosmetics (CPR article 15.4)

ISO 16128: content, sme-advantages, special advertising potential (suspension from regulation 655-2013) calculation of certification and advertising figures Details here

DIY (Do-it-yourself) kits: new regulations

new perspective of CLP-labeling of essential oils (end of many essential-oils-cosmetics by known companies)

natural Cosmetics 4.0: new era of efficacy-claims in natural cosmetics

The ICADA vegan label

environmentally friendly packaging for natural cosmetics

defense of the non legal natural hair colors against ban

questionable legality of animal test labels

no use of food as cosmetic raw material

Microplastics in cosmetics (Details)

ICADA anti plastic initiative (Details)

ISO standard 16128 for organic and natural cosmetics
transparent, easy understood, simple figures, no licence-fees, no certification efforts (Details)

Topics of the natural cosmetics congress (Details)

neutral, non-label-fee-definition of natural and organic cosmetics (Details)

defense options of nanomaterials in natural cosmetics

correct interpretation of nanomaterial findings (of violation of certain natural cosmetics standards)

Premium label for organic and natural cosmetic (leanest costs and efforts, no annual certification procedure) click here