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natural cosmetics actives on the commission eD-suspicion list

ICADA warnings confirmed:
natural cosmetics actives on the commission endocrine disruptor suspicion list

EU commission`s “endocrine disruptor”- (eD) suspicion list expanded
28 cosmetic substances now under suspicion of eD-properties
including various natural active ingredients

For a couple of month now, ICADA has informed about the much higher endocrine disruptor-potentials of natural active substances in comparison to the parabens, which are constantly denigrated in public. This did not prevent well-known natural cosmetics companies from defaming parabens even in television documentations by  claiming, that there are no eDs in their own natural cosmetics products.

The EU Commission`s suspicion list is published now and available here. The ICADA cited natural substances are on.

The natural cosmetics label-royalties-associations have as far as we know not taken any provision to defend their active ingredients. We suppose, they may not have the necessary natural-compound chemistry education or are missing suitable manpower.

ICADA, represented by its graduated natural-compound chemist has been cooperating with the European Commission in this issue for some time now and already has filed the arguments and strategy to defend natural compounds against regulations and restrictions.

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