Clean Beauty Label

We are the first who develop a standard for „clean beauty“ products

Modern consumers are no longer satisfied with the vegetable origin of cosmetic raw materials, but they should in any case be „harmless“ and „innocent“ for the environment, and they no longer necessarily have to be natural cosmetics for this purpose.

the worldwide trend

  • „Pure, clean, clear, transparent, harmless to health,
    e of “ the well-known critical substances „,
  • not necessarily green, but definitely white / transparent
  • with the goal „do something good“ and „protect your overwhelmed skin“

is included under the new umbrella definition

clean beauty
clean products

Application for the clean label:

easy procedure

not expensive

no recipe disclosure

for ICADA members only (Membership application))

The ICADA-Standard „clean“
All cosmetic products not using substances from the ICADA blacklist can obtain the permit to use the ICADA label „clean“ on application.
The label users only have to provide proof of the product INCI that no substance from the blacklist was used.
In addition, written confirmation is required that the registered product does not contain any substance from the ICADA blacklist.
(no expensive certification procedure, no recipe disclosure)
The ICACA Blacklist

The blacklist of ICADA contain 3179 critical raw materials.

It was compiled from the following sources:

  • Endocrine suspected list by the EU Commission
  • ICADA Black List Radar
  • ICADA list of devalued raw materials from the ÖkoTest magazine
  • ICADA list with devaluations from the CodeCheck web portal
  • ICADA list of devaluations from the B.U.N.D. Publications
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