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International cosmetic association based in Germany

ICADA, the international association for cosmetic products, cosmetic devices and food supplements, based in Germany.

ICADA informs, serves and represents global SME ( among them 90% of European cosmetics companies). Cosmetic chemists, natural product chemists, dermatologists, toxicologists, lawyers and other experts in the ICADA team answer questions and provide help for every branch of the industry.

ICADA participates the working group-meetings of the EU Commission, the memberstates ministries, the authorities and the scientific societies and provides up-to-date insider informations from all industry sectors to the more than 14.000 industry-members with whom we are in contact. ICADA follows regulatory procedures and defends the interests of SME.

The founder of the world’s first standard for organic and natural cosmetics leads the ICADA team. With more than 20 years of experience, ICADA offers a premium symbol for organic and natural cosmetics, for the authentic, typically medium and small-sized natural cosmetics companies. The ICADA natural signature is not only particularly strict and reliable due to the double control system, but is also closely aligned with nature due to the permission of relatively few additives (short positive list). The major commercial advantage of the ICADA premium label are small cost and small effort conditions for the authentic typically medium and small natural cosmetics companies.

ICADA also launched the world’s first Clean Beauty – Clean Products – Clean Cosmetics label with the world’s first norm / standard in July 2019.