ICADA global ethics

The global ethic concept of ICADA for everyone who thinks about the future
The Global Ethics Concept
  • Global Ethics is a meta-standard: no specific guidelines in the different sectors, but based on the already existing serious global standards.
  • Global Ethics is to be used as a comprehensive umbrella brand for every type of ethical criterion in the cosmetics market, so that consumers do not have to become experts in these various certification areas to understand what they are buying.
  • Since there are countless standards worldwide for sustainability, fair trade, CSR/social responsibility, environmental factors, carbon footprint, water footprint, waste disposal, etc., ICADA has not yet developed another standard, but has an independent certification company check and certify whether the company has been already certified according to one of the globally accepted standards for product/raw material properties or can be certified on the basis of an accepted standard. Examination of the „meta-criterion“
  • In addition, ethical company culture is tested and certified
  • The examination and certification under „global ethics“ therefore only includes the examination as to whether certifications for raw material properties are available or can be certified. Company and certifier are therefore free in the choice to use existing certifications
The market

Target group of communicatio are ethical buyers who want to help shape political decisions with the purchase price;

among other things LOHAS: the consumer is already far overwhelmed with the variety of labels in natural cosmetics and only needs to remember one label for all conceivable ethical test criteria in the cosmetics sector (concept: „if it says global ethics on it, it contains tested ethics; if I buy the product, I have made a political decision with my money“)

Industry groups
  • raw material suppliers selling their certified raw material to cosmetics companies as an additional benefit, because the customer can also claim the ethical raw material criterion „global ethics“ with the use of the raw materials in the finished product
  • natural cosmetics companies already following ethical criteria
  • SMEs and mass-producing companies so far been excluded from the „green market“ due to the strict raw material restrictions of the natural cosmetics guidelines
  • manufacturers and private label/contract manufacturers of private labels for whom classification as natural cosmetics is not important, but who are specifically committed to ethical goals


If you are interested in certification according to the ICADA Global Ethics concept, please contact mail [at] icada.eu