The ICADA working group Nails
May 2020
New draft regulation for raw materials. Read here

In the Naildesign working group, CADA deals with the following topics, among others:

DBTL (status, results of the DBTL penetration study)
Loss of marketability of LED gels
Loss of important colors due to rinse-off positioning, exceptions for nail design
Cost-effective regulation of important nail design raw materials (EMA, HEMA …) while avoiding 5-digit cost contributions for nail design companies
MeHQ (standardization of the MeHQ analytical method; problems with compliance with limit values ​​and specification details)
Consequences of the NiSG on nail design
Simplified safety assessment of nail design products
Control over your own brand and its product sales on the Internet
Problem solving for unauthorized trade
Quality mark for nail design products
Simplified CPNP notification
Prevention of illegal own imports from non-EU countries
Preventing the sale or sale of own brands without KVO compliance (missing documents); refilled products without their own product dossier
Market calming: reasonable pricing
Problem solving for document management by including a vP in accordance with the new KVO
Avoidance of the contract manufacturer’s imprint on the packaging
Simplified security assessment for small and medium businesses
Penetration data for nail cosmetics, limit value calculation
future warning obligation
Provision of safety data sheets in institutes
Duty plan for contract manufacturing
Product presentation: new prepackage VO / KVO §19
Protection against studio closures by regulatory or health authorities
New trading obligations, new rights of your traders
Avoidance of source of supply / contract manufacturer disclosure and other important company secrets from competitors in the context of the notification
Further substance bans