Food Supplement

Aloe vera products ban

EU Kommission publish a regulation draft

with a ban of aloe vera products

and put the following plants under scrutiny:

  • rhizome of Rheum palmatum L., Rheum officinale Baillon and their hybrids
  • extracts from the leaf, fruit of Cassia senna L.
  • extracts from the bark of Rhamnus frangula L., Rhamnus purshiana DC

Are you interested in a network to maintain marketability of these plants in food supplements? Contact ICADA and network with other affected companies


We will launch further lobby projects on aloe defense by alerting EU policy makers to the following issues:

  • technical errors in the EFSA report
  • Procedure implementation without essential specialist knowledge of the stakeholder
  • Technical errors in the Commission prevented the public consultation from proceeding correctly
  • gross violation of the Small Business Act KOM (2008) 394 final
  • Endangering the economic existence of SM
  • Destruction of global social projects
  • Violation of consumer protection: right to healthy food
  • Faulty work of the EU Commission: instead of meaningful regulation, only a blanket ban due to presumably technical ignorance